Discover Woomal Mbay

Nadji.Bi technical solution of Connected Solar Pumps coupled with a financial solution from LA BANQUE AGRICOLE

Discover our Woomal Mbay program with LA BANQUE AGRICOLE and the USAID-funded West Africa Trade & Investment Hub (Trade Hub): to distribute our connected solar pumps associated with our digital remote monitoring and control solutions.


Discover Walalma

Walalma is a network of Connected Solar Hubs of Off-Grid Services, including our solar hulling machines, our solar milling machines, our solar freezers, and other services, associated with our digital payment solutions as well as our remote and monitoring control solutions.

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Focus on 
QualiSolaire Sénégal

A solar entrepreneurship training and incubation program supported by the African Development Bank via the PDCEJ project and hosted by the Senegal-Japan Professional and Technical Training Center (CFPT-SJ) in Dakar-Sénégal.