Our Group

a modern pan-African group is open to the world

We are a team of dedicated professionals, aiming to improve everyone's life through our innovative products and solutions. We build connected and smart solar solutions to solve the challenges of our continent.

Our work spans various areas, including research and development, university partnerships, industrial manufacturing, the creation and integration of digital and connected solutions, and the development of agricultural value chains. Nadji.Bi serves as a robust industrial and collaborative platform dedicated to sustainable development.

Notre équipe

Meet the Nadji.Bi Team

Julien POTRON 


Founder and true visionary, Julien is the pillar of the group. Multitasking, he is active in product development, finance, business development and R&D project supervision, among others.



Webmaster Graphic designer

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after obtaining a Licence 3 in administration and maintenance of IT networks at the Université Alioune Diop de Bambey, Bilal is in charge of the development and management of ERP and LMS software, as well as the design of Nadji.Bi Group's visuals.


Elhadji Demba SÈNE

Walalma Operations Manager

Trained by Nadji.bi Group, Elhadji Demba is responsible for Walalma operations, our connected solar service hubs.



Technical Director

A graduate of the prestigious African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Audrey is a true mechatronics expert, at ease with electronics, software programming and cryptography. Audrey is behind the deployment of our IoT and PAYGo technology, among others.



Operations Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi after vocational training at CFPT Sénégal/Japon Dakar, Adama is in charge of Operations, design and mechanical production at Nadji.Bi.



Head of Digital

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after a Master's degree at the prestigious Institut Africain des Sciences Mathématiques-AIMS, Idriss manages Nadji.Bi Group's digital development activities.


Ibrahima TABARA 

Administrative and Accounting Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after a Master's degree at F.A.S.E.G (U.C.A.D) Dakar, Ibrahima is the Administrative and Accounting Manager for all Nadji.Bi Group activities.


Delphine Manssata SÈNE

QualiSolaire Senegal Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after a Master's degree from F.A.S.E.G (U.C.A.D) Dakar, Delphine Manssata is the Coordinator of the QualiSolaire Senegal vocational training and incubation program.


Aïssatou NDIAYE

Woomal Mbay Technical Study Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi after training with QualiSolaire Sénégal, and a 2-year degree in Physics and Chemistry from the Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Aïssatou is in charge of Woomal Mbay technical studies.


Saly AW

After-Sales Service Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after training with QualiSolaire Sénégal, and a D2A degree at the Alioune Diop University in Bambey, Saly is in charge of after-sales service for Nadji.Bi Group.


Astou SARR 

Administrative and Accounting Assistant

​Trained by Nadji.Bi after a professional HRM degree at HECM in Dakar, Astou is in charge of administrative and accounting assistance and human resources at Nadji.Bi Group.


Mouhamed Boucounta BA 

Junior Web Developer

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after obtaining a Licence 3 Système Réseau et Télécom at AFI L'UE in Dakar, Mouhamed Boucounta is in charge of mobile application development at Nadji.Bi Group.


Thierno BA 

Electrical Production Manager

​Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after completing a course at QualiSolaire Sénégal, and a BT in energy management at CSFP BTP in Diamniadio, Thierno is in charge of power generation at Nadji.Bi Group.



Storekeeper Purchasing Assistant

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after graduating with a degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency from the Assane Seck University in Ziguinchor, Yandé is in charge of stores and purchasing support at Nadji.Bi Group.


Mamadou Niang SALL

Woomal Mbay Installation Manager

​Trained by Nadji.Bi after training with QualiSolaire Sénégal, and a 3-year degree in Physics-Chemistry from the Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Mamadou Niang is in charge of Woomal Mbay installations within the Nadji.Bi Group.


Ndeye Taye BOYE

Woomal Mbay Technical Study Assistant

​Trained by the Nadji.Bi Group after training with QualiSolaire Sénégal, and a BTS in electrical engineering at the Centre d'entreprenariat et de développement technique (CEDT) in Dakar, Ndèye Taye is Woomal Mbay's study assistant with the Nadji.Bi Group.


Mame Diarra MBENGUE

Woomal Mbay Technical Study Assistant

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after training with QualiSolaire Sénégal, and a DISEP in photovoltaic solar energy with ISEP in Thiès, Mame Diarra is Woomal Mbay study assistant with Nadji.Bi Group.



Woomal Mbay After-Sales Service Operator

​Trained by Nadji.Bi after training with QualiSolaire Sénégal, Mor is now in charge of Woomal Mbay after-sales support within the Nadji.Bi Group.


Atabou SONKO

Concrete Production Manager

​Trained by Nadji.Bi after training as a Site Manager in Building and Civil Engineering at the CSFP BTP in Diamniadio, Atabou is in charge of concrete production for the Nadji.Bi Group.


Abdou Salam SADIO

Woomal Mbay Driver

​Trained by Nadji.Bi and holding B, C1, BE and C1 licenses, Abdou Salam is in charge of transporting Woomal Mbay teams and equipment within the Nadji.Bi Group.


Ibrahima SECK

Responsable Suivi & Évaluation

Trained by Nadji.Bi after a Bachelor's degree in Agronomy from UASZ in Ziguinchor and a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences from UCAD in Dakar, Ibrahima is in charge of our monitoring and evaluation activities and the management of our WALALMA business.


Papa Ababacar DIOP

Responsable Suivi & Évaluation

​Trained by Nadji.Bi after a Master 1 in English at the UCAD in Dakar and a training in film and audiovisual production, Papa Ababacar is in charge of visual photo and video production for the Nadji.Bi group.


Launch of Woomal Mbay

Launch of Woomal Mbay in partnership with LA BANQUE AGRICOLE, and USAID-funded West Africa Trade & Investment Hub: technical and banking offer for the mass distribution of connected solar pumps in vegetable farming production areas in Senegal.


Launch of Walalma: a network of off-grid solar service centers in Senegal, initiated with the support of Efficiency for Access; offering, among other things, hullers and grain mills (millet, sorghum and corn), as well as cold services (refrigeration and freezing); operating with our digital payment, control and real-time management solutions.


Launch of QualiSolaire Senegal: a vocational training and incubation center for solar entrepreneurship supported by the African Development Bank (ADB) through the PDCEJ and located at the Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique Sénégal-Japon (CFPT-SJ) in Dakar, Senegal.


1st prize in the Seedstars Gambia competition for a smart-agriculture project

Winner of the 1st EDF Africa PULSE Senegal prize for a smart-agriculture project


Winner of the UNDP innovation competition for a connected solar eco-village project

Winner of 2nd prize in BOAD's innovation competition for a smart-agriculture project


Founding of Nadji.Bi Group SA, a holding company


Lighting Global certificate issued by IFC for Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1 pre-electrification mini-kit (SHS)

Launch of the 1st solar mill for cereals (millet, sorghum, corn): Nadji.Bi Sunguf v.1


Launch of the 1st pre-electrification solar mini-kit (SHS) Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1


Founding of Nadji.Bi Senegal