QualiSolaire Sénégal

Training / Incubation in Solar Entrepreneurship

A Solar Entrepreneurship training & incubation center supported by the African Development Bank (AfDB) through the PDCEJ and located in the Centre de Formation Professionnelle et Technique Sénégal-Japon (CFPT-SJ) in Dakar.   à Dakar, Sénégal. 

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Cohorts 6 & 7

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A short video presenting our solar entrepreneurship training-incubation program in Senegal: QualiSolaire Sénégal

Ibrahima Famara SANÉ - About : QHSE

Discover what Ibrahima Famara SANÉ from Cohort 4 of QualiSolaire Senegal has to say about QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment)

Mame Gamou NDIAYE - Her experience at QualiSolaire

Discove what Mame Gamou NDIAYE from Cohort 4 has to say about her experience at QualiSolaire Senegal

Coumba NDAO - About her apprenticeship at QualiSolaire

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Youssouph SADIO - His assessment of QualiSolaire

Discover what Youssouph SADIO from Cohort 4 has to say about his apprenticeship at QualiSolaire Senegal

Aïssatou NDIAYE - About her career at QualiSolaire

Discover Aïssatou NDIAYE's testimonial from Cohort 1 about her apprenticeship at QualiSolaire Senegal

Testimony of Mamadou Alpha DIALLO - CEO of High Tech Energy SA

Discover what Mamadou Alpha DIALLO, coach-consultant and CEO of High Tech Energy SA, has to say about his involvement with QualiSolaire Sénégal

Testimony of Amélie DIALLO - Her advice to future QualiSolaire Cohorts

Discover Amélie David Bachir DIALLO's testimonial from Cohort 4 and her advice to future QualiSolaire Senegal Cohorts

Testimony of Abdoulaye MBOW - His internship at Nadji.Bi Sénégal

Learn more about Abdoulaye MBOW from Cohort 4 and his journey after QualiSolaire Senegal

Testimony of Harouna DIA - About CAD software

Find out what Harouna DIA from Cohort 5 has to say about CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software