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Our Group

a modern pan-African group open to the world

We are a team of devoted professionals, aiming to improve the life of each individual thanks to our innovative solutions and products. We are building smart solar connected solutions to answer the problems of our continent.

Research and Development, university cooperation, industrial manufacturing, development of integrated and digital value-added chain in rural communities; Nadji.Bi is a real collaborative industrial platform serving a full and integral development.

Notre équipe

Our Departments

from concept to usage, through manufacturing, financing and deployment, closest to the end-users and to the markets as possible

Devices Department

R&D and Manufacturing

Using reverse engineering, ou Research & Development teams, is made up of mechatronics engineers, working along with end-users and target markets, in order to define the right profitable model needed to insure a sustainable operation of the solution we are developing.

Thank to our manufacturing capacities in for electronics, electrics, electromechanics, mecanics and metallics, our gorup is able to develop solutions from their concept to their placement on the market with certification.

Projects Department

EPC / Service

Thanks to a team of engineer, specialized in renewable energies and electricity, but also to partners specialized in civil engineering, construction, logistics and financing; we can offer EPC services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) for all kind of solar projects.

Having realized deployment of numerous solutions and of smart solar villages in the region, we are developing new EPC capabilities related to IoT (Internet of things) and telecommunication (IT).

Digital Department

IoT / Mobile Banking / Big Data 
EBusiness / ETraining

Our continent is a step ahead in several area compared to other continents, and digitalization is among them. We are now developing digital solutions enabling the command, and the recovery of payments for remote solar solutions (PAYGo - Pay-As-You-Go / IoT), for the management of electronic money (Mobile Banking), for the collect of data (Big Data), and for online sales and distance learning.

All those technologies are enabling a multiplication of our smart solar impacts solutions to their end-users.

Meet our Team

Company team

Julien Potron, CEO

Founder and a true visionary, Julien is the pillar of the group. Multitasking he is active in Products Development, marketing and strategies linked to end-users experiences, but also in the management of the group.

Company team

Ismaël Mohamadou Djida, Chairman

Founder and expert in purchasing and logistics operations, in addition to be our Chairman, Ismaël is in charge of our external logistics and industrial operations. Thanks to his great experience of Asia, he's representing our group in this part of the World.

Company team

Audrey Kakpohoue, Technical Manager

Graduated from the prestigious African Institute of Mathematical Science, Audrey is a true mechatronician, comfortable with electronics, software programming, and cryptography. Audrey is at the origin of the deployment of our Nadji.Bi PAYGo technology.

Company team

Joachim Dubruel, General Manager Nadji.Bi France

Associated of Nadji.Bi Group and director of Nadji.Bi France, Joachim developed strong experience in the United Kingdom and in French speaking countries, where he worked in IT and in renewable energy industries. Joachim is in charge of the development of the Group in Europe.

Company team

Elhadji Demba Sene, Responsable de Site

Pure product of Nadji.Bi Group, Elhadji Demba is in charge of the manufacturing facility of Mbour, as well as fields operations and training center in local languages.

Company team

Adama Ndour, Responsable du Design

Pure product of Nadji.Bi Group, Adama is in charge of the 2D and 3D design as well as of the pre-design of Nadji.Bi Products.

Launch of the 1st connected residential solar home systems: the Nadji.Bi Keur Series


Winner of 1st award of Seedstars Gambia innovation competition for the smart solar agriculture 


Winner of 1st award of EDF Africa PULSE Sénégal innovation competition for the smart solar agriculture

Foundation of Nadji.Bi Bissau


Winner of the 2nd award of the WADB for its smart solar water pump project

Foundation of Nadji.Bi Gambia


Winner of the innovation award of Senegal UNPD for the connected ecoVillage project

Foundation of Nadji.Bi Group SA, as a holding company


Launch of the 1st solar water pumps of Nadji.Bi: the Nadji.Bi Frog Series

Launch of the 1st solar cereal and millet mill of Nadji.Bi: the Nadji.Bi Sunguf v.1


Launch of the 1st Nadji.Bi Products, the solar mini solar home system : the Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1


Foundation of Nadji.Bi Burkina


Foundation of Nadji.Bi Cameroun

Foundation of Nadji.Bi France


Foundation of a company in Hong Kong

Foundation of Nadji.Bi Sénégal, 1st company of Nadji.Bi Group.