Nadji.Bi Products

Easy Solar for Everyone!

More than a slogan, thanks to Nadji.Bi Products, Solar Electricity become easy and accessible to every people.

Developed and designed to answer to rural population needs and to every population in Sub-Saharian Africa, Nadji.Bi products are practical, efficient, functional, and competitive.

Strong advantages, which enable our Products to improve living conditions and financial means!

Nadji.Bi, the technological revolution is underway in Africa!

Nadji.Bi Solar Lamps:

Nadji.Bi Lion v.1

Nadji.Bi Mini Solar Home Systems:

Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1

Nadji.Bi Off-Grid Systems:

Nadji.Bi Hippo v.1

Nadji.Bi Rhino v.1

Nadji.Bi Elephant v.1

Nadji.Bi Solar Streetlights Solutions:

Nadji.Bi Star v.1

Nadji.Bi Star v.2

Nadji.Bi High Efficiency Solar Modules:

Nadji.Bi Croco 145 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 235 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 250 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 300 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 50 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 85 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 100 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 120 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 135 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 10 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 15 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 20 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 30 v.1

Nadji.Bi Croco 40 v.1

Nadji.Bi Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverters:

Nadji.Bi Donkey 4K v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 5K v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 1K v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 1.5K v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 2K v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 2.5K v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 3K v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 350 v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 400 v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 500 v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 600 v.1

Nadji.Bi Horse 800 v.1

Nadji.Bi Off-Grid Modified Sine Wave Inverters:

Nadji.Bi Donkey 3K v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 1K v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 1.2K v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 1.5K v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 1.8K v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 2K v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 300 v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 400 v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 500 v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 600 v.1

Nadji.Bi Donkey 800 v.1



Easy Solar for Everyone!

L'Électricité Facile pour Tous !


Our R&D

In its Research & Development center in Mbour - Senegal, Nadji.Bi is innovating and developing sustainable technical solutions.

Thanks to its centers in Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Senegal, and to an industrial application center in Senegal ; the Research and Development center of Nadji.Bi has the ambition to bring continuous improvement to the quality and to the performances of its Products, as well as to bring a continuous improvement of its manufacturing costs.

Our Mission

The mission of Nadji.Bi is to develop, manufacture and commercialize high quality and competitive solar products, thanks to an innovating distribution network through sub-saharian African countries. 

Join Nadji.Bi network, buy NJB Products to your friends and family!

Our Products Advantages

  • Easy to Carry +

    Our Solar Products are mobile, easy to carry and to use. Read More
  • Enlight your Home +

    Our Products enable you to enlight your home from inside and outside. Read More
  • Save your Money +

    Our Solar Products enable you to make saving on your energy expenses. Read More
  • Mobile Phone Charger +

    Take advantage of our universal mobile charger and charge all brands. Read More
  • Safe and Clean Energy Access +

    Thanks to Nadji.Bi Products, have access to clean and safe energy everywhere and at every time. Read More
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The Technology

Photovoltaic Solar, Lithium Storage, LED Lamps: 3 top-notch technologies, 3 reasons of continuous improvement of our Products.


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