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  • The Nadji.Bi Brand

Nadji.Bi is a social business, which focus on enabling rural and peri urban South population in general and Sub-Saharian African population in particular, to find a way out of poverty. Nadji.Bi has develop Products for lighting and electrical appliances chargers, using competitive top-notch technologies, in order to enable the targeted population to improve their comfort, their health, their security and their purchasing power.

2011 - Founding of Nadji.Bi Brand

2011 - Opening of Nadji.Bi Cameroon

2011 - Launching of Products: NJB Lion v.1, NJB Tiger v.1, NJB Cheetah v.1, NJB Zebu v.1

2012 - Nadji.Bi Brand Protection with OAPI, and INPI

2012 - Opening of Nadji.Bi Senegal

2012 - Launching of Products: NJB Hippo v.1, NJB Rhino v.1, NJB Elephant v.1, NJB Star v.1

2013 - Launching of Product : NJB Star v.2

2013 - Launching of Nadji.Bi Website in French:

2013 - Opening of Nadji.Bi France

2014 - Launching of Nadji.Bi Website in


Easy Solar for Everyone! 
L'Électricité Facile Pour Tous ! 

Nadji.Bi has the goal to enable 200 millions people to access to competitive lighting before 2020. Distributed in more than 8 countries, Nadji.Bi is following its development through regional hubs in Cameroon and Senegal and thanks to hundreds of Privileged Partners.

Ismaël Mohamadou Djida, Chairman of Nadji.Bi and Camerounian citizen studied many years innovating technologies, enables to answer to the biggest challenge of his continent. Composed by high level technicians, Nadji.Bi team is every day engaged into improving efficiency and competitivity of Nadji.Bi Products, in order to diffuse those technologies through the World.

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  • Easy to Carry

Nadji.Bi Solar Lamps:

Nadji.Bi Lion v.1

Nadji.Bi Solar Lamps are easy to carry and are less than 2 kilos each, they also have easy carrying system. Nadji.Bi Solar Lamps are also IP 65 and are not afraid of small rain and dust.

Nadji.Bi Solar Lamps can be bring by its owner in his home, his working place or during his travels.


  • Enlight your Home


Every Nadji.Bi Products have Lamps with more than 100 Lumens, enabling Products to have sufficient light to bring comfort and enlight your homes.

The Solar kits like Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1, Nadji.Bi Hippo v.1, Nadji.Bi Rhino v.1 and Nadji.B Elephant v.1 can enlight several rooms at the same time without any problem.


  • Saving your Money

Every Nadji.Bi Product needs only an initial investment, and thanks to its solar technology, do not need any combustible or consumable. Therefore Nadji.Bi Products enables Buyer to amortize their Products very quickly and to increase their Purchasing Power.

Nadji.Bi, the technological revolution is underway in Africa!


  • Universal Mobile Phone Charger

Every Nadji.Bi Product (excepting Streetlights) enable to charge every Mobile Phone, thanks to universal USB Mobile Phone Charger.


Example of the Nadji.Bi Cheetah v.1 Product:



  • Safe and Clean Energy Access

Using Solar Technology, Nadji.Bi Products enable users to avoid the use of traditional lighting solutions, such as candles and kerosene lamps.

Nearly 1,5 billion people are living without electricity in the World. Most of them are using kerosene lamps or other solutions using fossil energies.

Living with kerosene lamp has the same effect as smocking 40 cigarettes a day. More than 1.8 million people are dying every year from problems due to indoor air pollution. Fire hazards caused by kerosene are very frequent and kill more than 1 million people every year.

Problem is affecting the whole world, since smoke and CO2 emitting by kerosene lamps are representing almost 30 million cars CO2 emissions .

Kerosene is also very expensive - nearly 10 billion US Dollars are spent every year in kerosene lamps by the poorest world population. This money could be used by households to more productive and useful ways.


  • Nadji.Bi Products Warranties

Every Nadji.Bi Product bought less than EUR 15, can be replaced within 1 month by Privileged Partners and within 3 months by Standards Partners.

Every Nadji.Bi Product bought more than EUR 15 are either repaired or replaced within 1 month by Privileged Partners and within 3 months by Standards Partners.

Nadji.Bi Products Warranties are applicable under conditions:

The 1 (one) Year Nadji.Bi Warranties are applicable under conditions:

- from the date of Purchase by the Standard or Privileged Partner, stamped and dated by Nadji.Bi.

1. The Nadji.Bi Repair or Replace Warranties:

Nadji.Bi Warranty that its Products and their components are sold without defect, in the case of normal use of Nadji.Bi Products, those Products have a 12 (twelve) months Warranty, from the date of Purchase by the Standard or Privileged Partner.
If the Product have dysfunctions or lost of functions due to defect material within twelve (12) months from the dare of Purchase by the Standard or Privileged, as a third party could prove it, selected by Nadji.Bi in advance, Nadji.Bi could under its own choice either repair, or replace the dysfunctioning or not-functioning Product. The repair or replacement could be the only solution given by Nadji.Bi within the Warranty frame, and could not exceed the period of twelve (12) months. A Product, which already receive a Nadji.Bi Product Warranty can only receive a Warranty one time, either if its repair or replacement, could not receive any Product Warranty extension.

2. Exclusions and Limitations :

(a) The Warranty demand, in any case, should have a written demand by the Customer / Partner to Nadji.Bi.

(b) Any other entity or person can make a Warranty demand to Nadji.Bi excepting the Buyer (Customer / Partner) noticed in the invoice established between Nadji.Bi and the Buyer.

(c) The Warranty demand can only be done within the Nadji.Bi Product Warranty period.

(d) The Product and its packaging should be bring back to Nadji.Bi, in order to be able to make a Warranty demand.

(e) The serial numbers noticed on Nadji.Bi Products and on their packaging should be the same.

(f) The Nadji.Bi Product Warranty can not be applicable under the following conditions:

  • a. Misuse, Abuse, Negligence, Vandalism, Accident, 

  • b. Alteration, Bad Installation,

  • c. Repairs or Modifications not done by Nadji.Bi,

  • d. Non-Respect of usage precautions and maintenance indicated on the Product packaging,

  • e. Disaster or natural event, flooding, fire, accidental breakage, and every events happening without Nadji.Bi control. 

(g) The Nadji.Bi Product Warranty do not cover installation, replacement or re-installation costs, and neither costs related to logistic or taxes related to its application.

(h) The Nadji.Bi Product Warranty is not applicable when serial number on Nadji.Bi Product or on its Packaging can not be found, is modified, is removed or is not readable.

3. Limitation of Nadji.Bi Product Warranty:

This Nadji.Bi Product Warranty as indicated earlier can only be applicable against written noticed on this Warranty and exclude any other type of Warranty.

Nadji.Bi won't be consider as responsible of any damages or injuries to persons or goods, or to any loss or injury caused by a defect Nadji.Bi Product, due to its use or installation, without limitation. Under no circumstance Nadji.Bi is responsible of incident, consequence or particular damage, of any sort.


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