• Nadji.Bi: Our Products!

    Nadji.Bi: Our Products!

    Developed to answer to the needs of most people, Nadji.Bi Products are designed for Quality, Performances and Competitivity.

    Find here all our Quality Products: Lamps, Phone Chargers, Solar Mini-Kits , Streetlights and other Solar Products. Read More
  • 3 ways to buy Nadji.Bi

    3 ways to buy Nadji.Bi

    Citizen, Entrepreneur, Diaspora Member, Local Communities, discover the different ways to buy Nadji.Bi Products.

    In Africa, in Europe or in North America, provide the best Nadji.Bi Solar Products to your close friends and family members. Read More
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Our Identity

The Pan-Africain Group Nadji.Bi is a Self-Consumption  and Solar Mobile Solutions leading company, working in Sub-Saharian Africa.

Pan-africain Group, Nadji.Bi have financial operations and purchasing centers in Hefei, China, a R&D center in Montpellier, France, a manufacturing facility in Mbour, Senegal commercial bases in Burkina Faso, Cameroon.

Our Videos

Discover our last video:

Yadouane NGOM, farmer in Loumatyr - Senegal, is presenting you:

Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1!

Our Products Advantages

  • Easy to Carry +

    Our Solar Products are mobile, easy to carry and to use. Read More
  • Enlight your Home +

    Our Products enable you to enlight your home from inside and outside. Read More
  • Save your Money +

    Our Solar Products enable you to make saving on your energy expenses. Read More
  • Mobile Phone Charger +

    Take advantage of our universal mobile charger and charge all brands. Read More
  • Safe and Clean Energy Access +

    Thanks to Nadji.Bi Products, have access to clean and safe energy everywhere and at every time. Read More
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Our Mission

Nadji.Bi, Easy Solar for Everyone!
The mission of Nadji.Bi is to develop, manufacture and commercialize high quality and competitive solar products, thanks to an innovating distribution network through sub-saharian African countries.

The members of Nadji.Bi Group are working with a spirit of integrity and respect, in order to improve social and economic situtation of the customers, partners and countries benefiting of Nadji.Bi Products.

Our R&D

In its Research & Development center in Mbour - Senegal, Nadji.Bi is innovating and developing sustainable technical solutions.

Thanks to its centers in Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Senegal, and to an industrial application center in Senegal ; the Research and Development center of Nadji.Bi has the ambition to bring continuous improvement to the quality and to the performances of its Products, as well as to bring a continuous improvement of its manufacturing costs.

Our News

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The Market

In 2013 World Bank announced that in Africa. almost 600 millions people lived without electricity, 37% of urban population, 86% of rural population, near to 68% of all population.

UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) announced that the monthly spending of Sub-Saharian African households (excluding South-Africa), is representing near to 1 billion US Dollars, almost 12 billion US Dollars a year.

The Technology

The Main Goal of Nadji.Bi is to enable more people to access to better life conditions, while increasing their purchasing power. So we are working on today top-notch technologies.

In order to develop and to offer products with continuous improvement, high quality research, performances and competitivity. We decided to combine 3 very innovating technologies: photovoltaics, lithium storage, and LED Lamps.